Darlene Rogers

Hello Middleville my name is Darlene and I am excited to join this wonderful, informative group of caring individuals. I arrived in this area in 2004 and intend to remain as close to the coast as possible. My husband and I have been married for eight years and have a busy blended family of seven. Yes Seven! We have two daughters, three sons, a Poodle and a Rottweiler yet somehow we blend well. I guess that makes Nine! Each child participates in at least two extra- curricular activities,(athletics , social organizations or academic) which means we can tell you the best place to sit on any bleacher as well as which school has the best popcorn on the east coast. Our children range from 19 – 13 years old with completely different personalities. The oldest son is serving our country in the Army and our oldest daughter is in college. The youngest three are currently making career plans from high and middle school. Human service is my field of choice and miraculously completed a masters degree with my busy family schedule last year. I’m currently working in a Human service position with some of the best Marines and their families in the country. It is my pleasure to aide those that due to unforeseen circumstances, need a bit of assistance. My passions are spending time with my family, reading, writing, photography, sketching and cooking. I am looking forward to this new journey here in Middleville, so buckle up as we tour life as we know it.


Mom’s turn to take a class

When Loon Street Art Studio opened their doors in Emerald Isle last month, I immediately thought of my daughters, but I never thought of myself.

I do believe that parents need to do something for themselves from time to time, so when one of my friends asked me to go to a paint-along, I went only to “get out of the house” and do something for myself.

What surprised me was how much I enjoyed painting!

I have not put paint on paper since the words Crayola appeared on my set of watercolors. When the teacher told us to just cover our backgrounds in any mixture(s) of green, yellow and white paint, most …


My Daughter’s Whistling Takes Me Back

 My daughter can whistle, but I cannot. These days, I hear her whistling all the time and it always makes me happy.It also gives me a little insight into Maggie’s brain like watching her from afar. She only whistles when she’s content.I also try to notice whether she’s whistling a tune or just playing around. Sometimes she whistles favorite pop songs, sometimes band songs, most often it’s “Hedwig’s Theme” from the Harry Potter movies.I come from a long line of whistlers, mostly male. My father whistles, my Uncle Mike had a particular whistle he did through his teeth. My Grandpa whistled too, sometimes the teeth whistle, sometimes the traditional way.When …


Maggie Starts Eighth Grade

Maggie began eighth grade this year, her final year of middle school. The most interesting challenge is that she will be taking two classes for high school credit.

She qualified for an algebra class that will count as a high school math credit. Some eighth graders will take algebra without having to take an End of Course exam along with an End of Grade test, but Maggie and her classmates will have to take both. There were special qualifications for this class and Maggie wasn’t certain that she met them. Finding herself in the class, however, she is up for the challenge.

The other high school course is an independent study that …


Birds of a feather

How important is it to surround yourself with positive people, images and support? We think it is extremely important that you gravitate toward individuals that share your aspirations.  Our message to our children as they grow in character and find their way, is to be careful of the company you keep.  We always view ourselves as examples and hopeful they avoid mistakes that we have made. They each have different friends and through time, the older ones have detached themselves from those who had different wants in life. The youngest one isn’t quite there yet but it won’t be much longer. I am proud of …


Losing a Pet

Many of us have had a pet or two while growing up that we outlived. Their passing on had left us sorrowful and a little empty inside. Sometimes we thought we’d never have another pet because they couldn’t replace the one we lost.

From Left to Right; Sue, Mc Wilas, Nu-Nu, Firecraker, Tangent Girl

Two years ago we adopted an abandoned kitten from under our front porch (read about Suki). She has brought a great deal of enjoyment and extra love in our lives. Suki would often smell like she had been with our neighbor’s horse Sue. Several times the children have seen Suki near Sue or …


“Family” Night at the game (Or is it “Friend” Night?)

Taking pictures of her friends was how Maggie spent much of the game

Last Friday night was the kickoff to football season. It was a rare night when our entire family could attend the game, but does that really matter? My children have reached an age when neither one stays with us during the game.

This has long been the case of my eighth grader, Maggie. We have only been attending since she started middle school, which means the pack of her fellow students was there just waiting for her to join them.

Even for my little fourth grader, though, the pull of other kids was too great to …


A Boy and His Cat

When Papa and I first were married, we said we didn’t want any pets, we wanted children. Most of the places we have lived did not allow pets. We are both allergic to most cat and dog dander and so the idea of not having any furry pets suited us just fine. I’d tried a few fish, but I regretfully managed to kill several of those.

Mc Wilas doing his school work with Suki relaxing on his lap

Fast forward sixteen years and four children later, Mc Wilas found an abandoned kitten under our front porch during a morning school break. She was starving and was only a …


Rain on the parade

The weather has a way of changing plans that have been made for quite some time unfortunately teenagers just haven’t figured out the concept of sudden change.   Outdoor plans with friends was something that was planned for a couple of days but when it began to rain, they realized that they forgot to have a plan B or even a C.  As the sad faces arrived to ask if they could still proceed as planned in the rain, they were not expecting the negative answer they received.  My thoughts were “Absolutely Not” but thought I’d rather cushion my response with a bit of logic.  Explaining that one …


Herding Cats

How many of you have or have had a cat as a pet? In case you have not, I’ll talk a little about how they behave so you can understand. I need you to understand this so the rest of this will make sense.

Cats are as different from dogs as women are from men. Cats are temperamental, hold grudges, and only want attention when they want it, not the other way around. While dogs will sit and beg at your feet for attention, cats will simply hop up into your lap, onto you book or laptop and demand attention. If you do not give the right kind or amount, …


Something wicked this way comes…

What an exciting night this shall be.  They have been practicing the majority of the summer.  Parents have been bending work schedules to ensure they arrive at practice and are retrieved on time each day.  Uniforms have been purchased and fundraisers are in the full throttle phase.  Tonight its show time! The first game of the season and color guard and the band are ready.  This much anticipated evening will be filled with nerves and school pride.  This is our daughter Lea’s first night on the field as a member of the color guard and she is shaken bottle of soda waiting to be opened.  She has spent many days after …


Health News

Keep Kids Active During Summer Break

Don’t let kids waste summer break parked in front of the TV. Instead, get them to exercise.

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