Darlene Rogers

Hello Middleville my name is Darlene and I am excited to join this wonderful, informative group of caring individuals. I arrived in this area in 2004 and intend to remain as close to the coast as possible. My husband and I have been married for eight years and have a busy blended family of seven. Yes Seven! We have two daughters, three sons, a Poodle and a Rottweiler yet somehow we blend well. I guess that makes Nine! Each child participates in at least two extra- curricular activities,(athletics , social organizations or academic) which means we can tell you the best place to sit on any bleacher as well as which school has the best popcorn on the east coast. Our children range from 19 – 13 years old with completely different personalities. The oldest son is serving our country in the Army and our oldest daughter is in college. The youngest three are currently making career plans from high and middle school. Human service is my field of choice and miraculously completed a masters degree with my busy family schedule last year. I’m currently working in a Human service position with some of the best Marines and their families in the country. It is my pleasure to aide those that due to unforeseen circumstances, need a bit of assistance. My passions are spending time with my family, reading, writing, photography, sketching and cooking. I am looking forward to this new journey here in Middleville, so buckle up as we tour life as we know it.


Mystery solved

In the beginning I thought we must have some sort of clever creature that invades our home at night when we are all sleeping.  This creature leaves crumbs and sometimes napkin that didn’t quite make it to the trash can but a creature indeed.  One night I decided to remain awake just to see if I could get a glimpse of this mysterious being that lives among us in silence.  It was around 12:03am when I heard a faint sound coming from one of our son’s rooms.  I didn’t move yet as I wanted to see which room/closet/window this being would appear from and what course would be taken to the kitchen.  By 12:05am I could hear a distant quiet rustle in the pantry, as if the being was looking for the choice of the evening.  I walked quietly down the hall trying not to make a noise as not to scare the being in its late night habitat. 


I stood at the corner of the hall watching as my sleepy son made himself a snack and with eyes closed consumed it . The wobbling indicated that somehow felt he had to get up and snack even though he was incredibly sleepy.


Perhaps my son is suffering from midnight hunger that wakes him up and carries him to the kitchen for a snack most nights because that’s where you can find him.  You can see his silhouette, that appears larger than he is, just standing there munching on the treat of the night.  When asked why he does that, he simply stated “ my body wakes me up and I eat to go back to sleep”.  We are going to have to keep him extremely busy.

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