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Hello Middleville my name is Darlene and I am excited to join this wonderful, informative group of caring individuals. I arrived in this area in 2004 and intend to remain as close to the coast as possible. My husband and I have been married for eight years and have a busy blended family of seven. Yes Seven! We have two daughters, three sons, a Poodle and a Rottweiler yet somehow we blend well. I guess that makes Nine! Each child participates in at least two extra- curricular activities,(athletics , social organizations or academic) which means we can tell you the best place to sit on any bleacher as well as which school has the best popcorn on the east coast. Our children range from 19 – 13 years old with completely different personalities. The oldest son is serving our country in the Army and our oldest daughter is in college. The youngest three are currently making career plans from high and middle school. Human service is my field of choice and miraculously completed a masters degree with my busy family schedule last year. I’m currently working in a Human service position with some of the best Marines and their families in the country. It is my pleasure to aide those that due to unforeseen circumstances, need a bit of assistance. My passions are spending time with my family, reading, writing, photography, sketching and cooking. I am looking forward to this new journey here in Middleville, so buckle up as we tour life as we know it.


It’s progress!!

According to the wonderful automated recordings that we receive from our children’s high school, progress reports are on their way.  What an amazing way to warn parents of the upcoming events as well.  We decided to chat with our not so little ones and explain the importance of maintaining a high grade point average in preparation for their college years.  We were assured by each of them that their grades were great and they were right.  They each brought home nothing less than a high B, for this progress report.  Which means they will still have plenty of time to increase those B’s to flawless A’s, the wonderful part of this is the progress they have made as individuals.  They have been paying close attention to their tutor and using all the tools she has provided them with.  We are proud and they are even prouder.  All smiles and future planning to increase and involve themselves in clubs based on grades has been the most rewarding for me and speaks toward their power of confidence.


According to Live strong, progress reports do a lot more than simply inform parents of their child’s marking period grade averages. Progress reports help parents identify behavioral problems. They also aid parents in identifying weaknesses and target areas for improvement in their child’s academic performance. They are useful tools for fostering communication between parents and teachers, and also, between parents and kids.


According to  Live strong, Progress reports not only list students’ current grade averages, but oftentimes, the teacher will include a note about a child’s behavior in the classroom. If a parent sees, for example, that her child is averaging a D-grade in English, but knows that her child is usually good at reflecting on literature, the problem might not be related to comprehension, but to behavior. Teacher comments contained in the progress report — “easily distracted” or “does not turn in assignments on time,” for example — can help a parent identify any behavioral issues that might be affecting student performance. On the other hand, teacher comments regarding student behavior can also show a positive relationship between behavior and grade averages. A grade of an A on a progress report accompanied by a comment stating “student enjoys creative projects” can help a parent identify her child’s strengths and interests. The parent can then guide her child in applying those strengths and interests toward a class in which the student averages a lower grade.


How do your children feel about progress reports?

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