Darlene Rogers

Hello Middleville my name is Darlene and I am excited to join this wonderful, informative group of caring individuals. I arrived in this area in 2004 and intend to remain as close to the coast as possible. My husband and I have been married for eight years and have a busy blended family of seven. Yes Seven! We have two daughters, three sons, a Poodle and a Rottweiler yet somehow we blend well. I guess that makes Nine! Each child participates in at least two extra- curricular activities,(athletics , social organizations or academic) which means we can tell you the best place to sit on any bleacher as well as which school has the best popcorn on the east coast. Our children range from 19 – 13 years old with completely different personalities. The oldest son is serving our country in the Army and our oldest daughter is in college. The youngest three are currently making career plans from high and middle school. Human service is my field of choice and miraculously completed a masters degree with my busy family schedule last year. I’m currently working in a Human service position with some of the best Marines and their families in the country. It is my pleasure to aide those that due to unforeseen circumstances, need a bit of assistance. My passions are spending time with my family, reading, writing, photography, sketching and cooking. I am looking forward to this new journey here in Middleville, so buckle up as we tour life as we know it.


MomTalk Farewell

On behalf of Onslow Memorial Hospital, we would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who has been involved with our MomTalk program and used it as a resource over the years. We hope it has provided valuable information and guidance to parents and families in our Onslow community and beyond. We are very fortunate to have had such passionate local mom bloggers willing to share their meaningful experiences, advice and support.As of October, the MomTalk program has been suspended. Although we will no longer actively maintain the website or feature new blog content, we invite you to visit (or revisit) our past blog posts that will remain on our website. For additional resources, Onslow Memorial will continue …



This is the last post of what was an amazing journey. Writing is soothing, calming and a great avenue to intrigue others.  MomTalk, what a concept!  Thinking out of the normal to reach those that can relate and provide opportunities for dialogue. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to place my thoughts of this world and how it affects our children on such a wonderful website.  Over the course of the year our children have laughed, cried, and accomplished so much and sharing our journey has been wonderful.

Our children, parents and community friends have grown accustom to reading or hearing about the post that were inspired by real …


Bidding Farewell to Middleville

This is my final entry to Middleville, because the MomTalk program is coming to a close.

Though I had been writing for the Just Kiddin’ section of MomTalk for two years, which is written for parents of Elementary Schoolers, my daughter Maggie had moved to middle school and I was eager to record her stories. I had asked for the opportunity to write for both blogs.

They didn’t need me at Middleville, but one school day began with a robo-call from the school saying that school was open despite a gun threat via Facebook. The student had been caught and everything was safe. It was a challenging morning with my daughter …


Two or four will do

Our children were invited to a birthday party at Skate Nation.  We weren’t sure where it was located but one we found it we realized it was once another name.  My husband and I have never been but our children remembered it from their camp days with Jacksonville Commons Recreation Center.  Much to our surprise it was fabulous! There was security on the interior and exterior of the building offering a safe place for families to come to enjoy themselves.  Our children were amazed that it had been completely remodeled and the music was up to date.


In 2.4 seconds their friends found them and our three children …


She is Blooming

Normally a seed is planted in soil or whatever substance you may choose to nurture the possibility of life and there are things you must do to protect it.  First you have to dig the hole deep enough, allowing the right things to surround the precious seed. Then you must water and talk to your seed, speaking great things into its life.  The seed will only grow if the conditions around it are satisfying for its growth.  You must water this seed to make certain it is in a proper light and the temperature is conducive to its success.  When the seed finally arrived from beneath the …


Mystery solved

In the beginning I thought we must have some sort of clever creature that invades our home at night when we are all sleeping.  This creature leaves crumbs and sometimes napkin that didn’t quite make it to the trash can but a creature indeed.  One night I decided to remain awake just to see if I could get a glimpse of this mysterious being that lives among us in silence.  It was around 12:03am when I heard a faint sound coming from one of our son’s rooms.  I didn’t move yet as I wanted to see which room/closet/window this being would appear from and what course would …


It’s progress!!

According to the wonderful automated recordings that we receive from our children’s high school, progress reports are on their way.  What an amazing way to warn parents of the upcoming events as well.  We decided to chat with our not so little ones and explain the importance of maintaining a high grade point average in preparation for their college years.  We were assured by each of them that their grades were great and they were right.  They each brought home nothing less than a high B, for this progress report.  Which means they will still have plenty of time to increase those B’s to flawless A’s, the …


Taking a lunch box doesn’t sound so bad..

Lately there have been a few extremely hungry teenagers when they arrive home and dinner can’t seem to arrive fast enough either.  What is going on?  Are they missing lunch at school? It seems as if the time allotted isn’t enough for the amount of students that are attempting to eat lunch..  According to our oldest two, lunch has changed drastically.  Not that is doesn’t taste the best but that the time to get through the lunch line, sit down and eat has decreased. They find themselves in longer lines with less time to consume their meal.  Our daughter feels like she is rushing to …


Shopping Party – Cool Idea

Last week I was asked to be a driver for a fun and creative birthday party for teenage girls.

Two parents and six girls drove to a town with a larger shopping mall for a shopping party and scavenger hunt.

We arrived in time for a late lunch and our hostess gave each girl some food court cash so they could choose their own meal and yet dine together. After their lunch, she and I relocated to an actual restaurant in the mall and enjoyed our “adult” meal during the scavenger hunt.

The girls divided into three teams of two and were each given a fun list of things to photograph in the …


They need a new home

We all have some items of clothes in our closets that need to go away, far away but for some reason we can’t seem to let them go.  Every once and a while we have to have a family closet cleaning to come to terms with letting go of those items that are just too small.   Well we found an alternative that helps others in the community that has been faced with an unexpected challenge.  The location is in New River shopping center and the store is “Finders Keepers”.  The store is one of the sources of funding for the domestic violence women’s shelter in our county.  They are able to …


Health News

Keep Kids Active During Summer Break

Don’t let kids waste summer break parked in front of the TV. Instead, get them to exercise.

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